In 2016, after the launch of Ocean Clean Wash, around 30 brands approached the team to get a better insight of the campaign and the results of the Mermaids Life+ program.

Frouke Bruinsma (G-Star) and Maria Westerbos (PSF)

The first brand to approach the Plastic Soup Foundation was G-Star RAW, who signed the first version of the Ocean Clean Wash charter in April 2016 after 8 months of negotiations. Frouke Bruinsma, CR Director of G-Star Raw, said: “With RAW for the Oceans, we were the first to make denim from recycled ocean plastic, and we are now starting to completely replace the 10% conventional polyester in our collection with recycled plastic. We want to continue to create progress through sustainable innovation and join forces with the Plastic Soup Foundation to battle the microfiber problem.” Maria Westerbos, Director of
PSF, said: “G-Star was not aware that using ocean plastics for clothing doesn’t solve the problem of plastic soup, but it brings the plastics back in the oceans in smaller pieces, harming marine life and not solving the real problem”.