Steering Group

The Ocean Clean Wash campaign, together with all its supporters, is fighting one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution in our ocean: microfiber pollution from synthetic clothing.

Plastic Soup Foundation, initiators of this campaign, set up a steering group to work together in order to solve this issue.

Currently, the steering group consists of the following NGOs and organizations from all around the world:

  • The Story of Stuff Project, United States
  • One More Generation, United States
  • Sustainable Coastlines, New Zealand
  • Ocean Care, Switzerland
  • Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, Taiwan
  • UPGYRES, Canada
  • National Federation of Women’s Institutes, United Kingdom
  • Plastic Soup Foundation, The Netherlands

The steering group is focusing on calling on the fashion industry, as well as other parties involved, to take responsibility for the problem throughout the entire value chain: from yarn to fibers, from coatings to manufacturing.

More details about the next steps of the steering group will come soon. Let’s stop the microfiber!